U8s Virtual Running Race

Updated: Aug 16

Mark Orrin writes "To keep the team together we have had a few virtual events, but the running race was the day after virtual grand national, so I had to generate images to match the experts.

The runners were represented by a collection of items from a normal match day: the match ball; the practice ball; a cone; a bib; shin pads; goalkeepers gloves; the captains armband; and a drinks bottle.  The allocation of the goalkeepers glove and the captains armband went to the appropriate players, with the six other items randomly allocated from the pick of the hat.  With some randomly chosen numbers by the boys, a set of cards to determine their moves, a die and a chalked out course on the driveway things were all set.

The first round started with the roll of the die to determine which sheet to use, and the random numbers produced by the boys indicated how far to move, with one sprinting forward, some moving forward and a couple “on the subs bench” and therefore not moving.  All was recorded in video and pictures and sent to the others.

Round two: four runners moved forward differing amounts, one was tying his laces and stayed still, and three “tripped over untied lace” and therefore went backwards one. It meant that it was looking like a two horse race.

Round three:  slightly more successful with five runners moving forward, and the other three no movement as tying laces.  At this stage it was clearly a two horse race, with on runner on 9, another on 8, three runners on 3, two runners on 2, and one runner (the drinks bottle) in last place on minus 1.

Round four: A good round, with two sprinting forward 4, four running forward three, but one tying his shoe lace and stationery, and one tripped over his shoe lace (for the second time) and moved back one.  Going into the last round, there were only two possible winners, although a late surge from one runner meant that second place could be in doubt.

Round five: the two front together with one other chose “on the bench” and stayed still, the others all moved forward, but no sprinting forward (move 4) at the end.

With the final position determined and fully adjudicated.  The videos were checked by the VAR team, the results stood with out correction.  The winner was the shin pads, second the goalkeepers glove, third the practice ball, fourth the match ball, fifth the bib, sixth equal the captains armband and the drinks bottle, and last the cone.  A bit of fun for the boys, and a trophy for the virtual champion to be awarded at the end of season awards."

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