Lawford FC Newsletter: The Extra Times

6 May 2020

The latest edition of the club's newsletter, The Extra Times, has been published.  The next edition will be published early next year.  If you have any suitable material for either the website or newsletter please contact the Club's Media Officer, Nick Anderson.

Football's Coming Home

6 May 2020

Football’s Coming Home, the 1996 release to mark England’s hosting of that year's European Championships has become an anthem for our national team. Today we find ourselves in extraordinary circumstances, with many of us largely confined to our homes. The Premier League and the EFL has announced their intention to complete the season, albeit behind closed doors, while the European Championships in the men’s game has been postponed. The only football taking place at the moment is at home whether this is in our back gardens, re-watching memorable games or too many hours spent on FIFA (I’ve heard all the excuses many times before).


Despite the challenges, and for some sadness, of our current circumstances, better times will return. As a Club this will mean football coming home, coming back to School Lane. The opportunity to train and play alongside team mates once again. The excitement that comes before a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday game. Banter, bacon rolls and halftime oranges. A chance to chat with familiar faces that you haven’t seen on the touchline for many weeks. All this will return.


Given the current uncertainties, planning for events in the near-term is challenging. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to run our highly regarded five a-side tournament this year. However, it is important to mark the achievements of the current season and we are committed to hosting awards events when we can.


Behind the scenes work continues on building the Club’s long-term potential through increased community participation and the development of an all-weather facility. Last month, the Club’s application to be registered as a charity was approved by the Charity Commission. This marks a major milestone in our development plans and in particular will help the Club access new sources of funding.


We look forward to seeing everyone back at School Lane and in the meantime, keep safe.

U8s Virtual Running Race

21 April 2020

Mark Orrin writes "To keep the team together we have had a few virtual events, but the running race was the day after virtual grand national, so I had to generate images to match the experts.


The runners were represented by a collection of items from a normal match day: the match ball; the practice ball; a cone; a bib; shin pads; goalkeepers gloves; the captains armband; and a drinks bottle.  The allocation of the goalkeepers glove and the captains armband went to the appropriate players, with the six other items randomly allocated from the pick of the hat.  With some randomly chosen numbers by the boys, a set of cards to determine their moves, a die and a chalked out course on the driveway things were all set.


The first round started with the roll of the die to determine which sheet to use, and the random numbers produced by the boys indicated how far to move, with one sprinting forward, some moving forward and a couple “on the subs bench” and therefore not moving.  All was recorded in video and pictures and sent to the others.


Round two: four runners moved forward differing amounts, one was tying his laces and stayed still, and three “tripped over untied lace” and therefore went backwards one. It meant that it was looking like a two horse race.


Round three:  slightly more successful with five runners moving forward, and the other three no movement as tying laces.  At this stage it was clearly a two horse race, with on runner on 9, another on 8, three runners on 3, two runners on 2, and one runner (the drinks bottle) in last place on minus 1.


Round four: A good round, with two sprinting forward 4, four running forward three, but one tying his shoe lace and stationery, and one tripped over his shoe lace (for the second time) and moved back one.  Going into the last round, there were only two possible winners, although a late surge from one runner meant that second place could be in doubt.


Round five: the two front together with one other chose “on the bench” and stayed still, the others all moved forward, but no sprinting forward (move 4) at the end.


With the final position determined and fully adjudicated.  The videos were checked by the VAR team, the results stood with out correction.  The winner was the shin pads, second the goalkeepers glove, third the practice ball, fourth the match ball, fifth the bib, sixth equal the captains armband and the drinks bottle, and last the cone.  A bit of fun for the boys, and a trophy for the virtual champion to be awarded at the end of season awards."

LFC@LFC! Launch Event

12 March 2020

Our campaign, named LFC@LFC, to build an all-weather facility at School Lane is gaining momentum. At the launch event, the development committee out- lined the objectives of our project to create a -

Local & sustainable hub that is a

First class facility, supporting wellbeing &
Community-wide participation

The launch presentation and our new Football Development Plan can be found on the website allweatherproject  The launch event was combined with an EGM, where members agreed that the Club should apply to the Charity Commission to be Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  


As part of our application to become a charity, Club members appointed eight inaugural trustees. These individuals are responsible for the general management of the Club and have ultimate responsibility for directing the a airs of the Club, and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivers the charitable outcomes for the bene t of the public for which it has been set up.   Our first trustees are John Duchars (Chair),Carl White, Dave Atton, Jim Tait, Lloyd Bellett, Mark Simons, Nick Anderson and Susanne Grimwade.


BBC Essex Woman's Trophy: Semi-final Success

23 Febuary 2020

Congratulations to Lawford Ladies for their success in today's semi-final game against Hutton in the BBC Essex Woman's Trophy.  After extra time the game was drawn at 3-3 with Lawford finally prevailing 4-3 on penalties.  This is the second consecutive year that the Ladies have reached the final of the competition - a tremendous achievement. 

The final will be played on Wednesday 18 March at the ground of Harlow Team, KO at 7.30pm.  Please go along and show your support.

All-weather Opportunity

18 January 2020

Ten years ago, the Club started a highly ambitious project to replace a timber building in a state of disrepair with a purpose-built modern clubhouse.  Opened in 2011 the John Lyall Pavilion is a fantastic facility for both players and supporters. Admired by many visitors to School Lane, the clubhouse offers a warm welcome to all.

A decade later a small group has been working, behind the scenes, researching the possibility of constructing an all-weather playing surface.  Supported by Lawford Parish Council, this month we are launching our campaign, named LFC@LFC, to build a 3G pitch at School Lane.  The initials LFC as well as being shorthand for the Club, represent the key objectives of our project to create a -

Local & sustainable hub that is a 

First class facility, supporting wellbeing &

Community-wide participation

Easy to remember: LFC@LFC!  Like the clubhouse, this will be a huge undertaking both financially and in the hours of voluntary time required to achieve our vision.  While the Football Foundation is the major funder of 3G facilities, we will need to raise funds ourselves and secure funding from other organisations.

Next month we will hold a launch event for the project together with an EGM for members to consider converting to a new legal entity specifically designed for smaller charities. With charitable status, the Club will be able to benefit from Gift Aid on donations and potentially access other new sources of funding.

Club Chairman, John Duchars highlights “This is a tremendous opportunity for Lawford. We will need the commitment of players and supporters from across the Club together with the backing of the wider community to realise our ambition.”  Please tell us how you can help by speaking to a club official or e-mailing

Lawford FC Newsletter: The Extra Times

18 January 2020

The latest edition of the club's newsletter, The Extra Times, has been published.  The next edition will be published early next year.  If you have any suitable material for either the website or newsletter please contact the Club's Media Officer, Nick Anderson.

Come on Ref!

12 January 2020

How many of us as players or supporters have shouted out “REFEREE!” during a recent game.  Football, however, takes on a whole new perspective when you are the referee.  Match officials, and particularly referees, are an essential element of any competitive fixture. They ensure that the laws of the game are followed in the interest of both fairness and safety, contributing to a positive football  experience for all participants.  

According to Essex FA good referees are “confident and decisive, with patience and an ability to communicate in an effective manner, making decisions and explaining to the players what’s happening next, when appropriate.  A sense of humour is also a great advantage!” 

Lawford’s Child Welfare Officer and former U16s Manager, Jonathan Sly, joined one of the Essex FA courses last year, going on to qualify as a referee. "I can honestly say that this is one of the best things I have ever done. It makes you look at the game from a very different perspective; both teams are important to you, you have a sense of responsibility to them both equally.  You really appreciate the laws of the game and why they are there."   

As a Club we are keen to support the training and development of new referees.  Lawford’s Football Development Officer, Carl White, explains “Over recent years several youth players have qualified as referees, with the Club helping fund course costs and providing development opportunities.” 

George Lowe, Referee Development Officer at Essex FA, plays an important role  co-ordinating referee training in our area.  George writes “Our courses are open to   learners or all ages, genders and backgrounds with people wanting to get involved to earn a little extra pocket money or because they want to follow the promotion pathway with the long term aim of refereeing being a career.”

The County offer further support through its mentoring system.  According to George, “once completing the course, we provide matchday support in the form of Referee  Mentors to guide new referees through the first 5 games of their referee journey. The mentor will be there to provide a friendly face on the touchline as well as provide advice on how to develop and improve as a referee.”

We asked Jonathan if there was any downside to becoming a qualified referee “Well, my friends who sit with me at Colchester United or during a game on the telly are claiming that I have become boring now as I always defend the referee and their decision making whereas in the past I might have been a little more 'critical'." 

Jonathan finishes our conversion by summing up the benefit of seeing the game from a new viewpoint "Having played, coached and now refereed I can proudly claim to have done the 'holy trinity' of football. I would recommend refereeing to all who love the game; young, old and those in-between. It keeps you mentally sharp, physically fit and develops your skills in decision making, mediating and communicating."

Congratulations on Charter Status

7 January 2020

Congratulations to the Ladies team and all those who support them behind the scenes at the Club on achieving FA Charter Status.  Club Chairman, John Duchars, said “This means that all sections of the Club now have Charter Status, an achievement that we can be truly proud of.” Si Collinson, who manages the  Ladies team, added “I am delighted that we have achieved FA Charter Status and look forward to the Ladies becoming even more integrated with the rest of the Club.”

Lawford Lads Reserves

6 January 2020

Congratulations to the Reserves who have successfully progressed to the quarter finals of the Essex Junior Cup following wins over favourites Witham U23’s, Eastside and Arsleford Reserves.  The quarter final will be on the 25th January at School Lane against Clacton Reserves. Please come along and show your support.

Manager Jay Welham has signed in excess of 20 players and continues to build the team.  This season nine of the U18s have played for the Reserves, three of whom have progressed through to the first team. After a run of very good results, the Reserves are currently second in the league.

School Lane Pitches

3 January 2020

Last month was one of the wettest Decembers in recent years.  Despite this all Lawford home fixtures went ahead without interruption. Many other local clubs called off games on more than one weekend.  Thanks to the hard work of Lloyd Bellett, Geoff Cone, Dave Atton, Steve Rand and Jason Tilstone, the School Lane pitches were playable for all our  scheduled games. 

The Saturday before Christmas was a real test given heavy rain both that morning and during the preceding few days.  With the Reserves recording a 4-0 victory over St. Oysth, the Essex & Suffolk Border League made special mention to our groundsman, describing the pitch as “excellent” and their tireless work as a “huge credit to grassroots football.”  Well done guys.

Quality image

1 December 2019

Many thanks to former Lawford Lads  Secretary, Bob Wheatly, who contacted the Club to share images of teams from the 1960s.  Bob, on the far right, was Club Secretary from 1956 to 1964 and then Vice Chairman and Chairman until 1968 when he was elected Vice Chairman of the Colchester and East   Essex League. He went on to serve as Chairman, President and now Patron of the League.  Bob’s father-in-law, Bob Broom, was one of the founding members of the Lads.  The images that Bob shared, clearly the work of a talented photographer, can be found on our website at  -

Feeling sheepish

24 November 2019

Club officials had the wool pulled over their eyes after being caught unprepared for a pitch invasion at School Lane one Sunday morning in early November.  Play was interrupted in at least two games while managers and coaches tried to shepherd the culprits away.  A Club spokesman warned that this type of flocking behaviour would not be tolerated and that, inevitably, repeat offenders would be baaed.

Thank you to Emma Stacey who shared her video of the incident. This can be found on the Club’s website and Twitter page.  At the last count Emma’s video had received 134 likes and over 7000 views on Twitter.

Ladies: Fancy a Game?

20 October 2019

Lawford Ladies is a friendly local team, based at School Lane in Lawford.  The team is looking to add further players, aged 16 + of all abilities.  Come along and get involved with a very friendly welcoming bunch of players and FA qualified motivated coaching staff.  More information can be found here or contact team manager, Si Collinson (07843559218).

Lawford FC Newsletter: The Extra Times

2 October 2019

The latest edition of the club's newsletter, The Extra Times, has been published.  The next edition will be published early next year.  If you have any suitable material for either the website or newsletter please contact the Club's Media Officer, Nick Anderson.

Celebrating our Heritage

2 October 2019

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Lawford Lads, which combined with Lawford Junior in 2015 to form one club, Lawford Football Club. Founded in August 1949, the Lads played their first match on 7 October, seventy years ago this month. Lads was included in the Club’s name as most of the original players were under 18 and the team were playing in a minor league, the Colchester N.E. Minor League (Stour Division).

Originally, the Lads were based behind the Ogilvie Hall where access to the pitch involved negotiating a high fence. Teddy Prike would bring a stepladder so the team could gain access without injury. As cows grazed the eld on which matches were played it often had furrows and cows would sometimes interrupt play. Teddy also cleared up what the cows left behind to use on his allotment. Players often cycled to away fixtures.

Almost ten years after its formation the Club relocated to the Tendring Hundred Showground on the Bromley Road, changing in an old Nissen hut. The Club moved to our current site in 1967, with the new clubhouse opening in 2011. The club remains an integral part of Lawford life with many ex-players continuing to lend their support today. 


To mark this anniversary we have added a pictorial history of the Club’s past teams to our website.  Searching for old photographs, we discovered that Lawford Football Club as we know it today is the second club to bear that name. The original Lawford Football Club was founded in 1935, competing in the Harwich Junior League. Its home ground was at Lawford Home Park behind the Kings Arms public house. The club was disbanded in 1939, on the eve of the Second World War.

Lawford U11s News

28 September 2019

Lawford U11s have moved up to the 9v9 format for this season. The team are looking forward to the new challenges of playing on a larger pitch, coping with the o side rule, as well as a handful of new rules being introduced to the game.  We currently have 12 players signed on for the team this season, so we are still looking to add one or two players to the squad. If you are interested in joining please Dave Dines

Chris Clarke Challenge Cup

14 August 2019

The First Team played Dedham Old Boys on 3 August in the Chris Clarke Challenge Cup, a regular annual charity fixture between the two teams.  Having taken the Cup home for the last two years, on this occasion the Old Boys came out on top with 2-0 win.  All proceeds from the afternoon were donated to Dementia UK.


Image: David Bauckham / Centre Circle Publishing

Pink Ribbon Event

30 July 2019

On 20th July the Club hosted a charity double-header in aid of the Pink Ribbon Foundation with our First and Reserve Teams facing teams from Crane Sports FC in Ipswich. The Foundation is a grant making trust with a mission to fund projects and provide financial support to UK charities which relieve the needs of people who are suffering from, have been affected by breast cancer, or who work to advance the understanding of breast cancer and its early detection and treatment.


The event raised £705 for the Foundation  reflecting the generosity of players, supporters and friends from both teams.   Special mention to Andy Young, Lawford’s First Team manager, who organised the whole event in aid of a very worthy cause.

2019 Five A-side Tournament: What a Day!

12 July 2019

Played across twelve pitches in near perfect weather conditions, with around 70 local teams and over 400 players participating, this year’s Five A-Side Tournament was one of our best ever. A huge amount of work goes into making this event a success. As Club Chairman, John Duchars says "Thanks to every helper who made it happen. Seeing so much enjoyment makes it all worthwhile.” Particular thanks should go to Carl White, especially for his hours of dedication ensuring that the pitches were cut to perfection (did I see him out there with a pair of scissors on the morning of the tournament?)

Visiting teams were kind enough to let us know that they had enjoyed the day with comments such as "Fantastic tournament, incredibly well organised and run” and “brilliant day and brilliantly organised”. The tournament is our largest fund-raising event and so a good tournament can make a real difference at the start of our new financial year. The only mishap this year was the young player who unfortunately broke his leg...... falling out of a tree. Our thanks to St John’s Ambulance for being with us to provide assistance. We wish the young fellow well (don’t give up climbing trees, just take more care).

Lawford U6s Visit St. George's Park

1 July 2019

Jack Cansdale, U6s Manager writes “Back in June, our latest crop of U6s were lucky enough to have an opportunity to go and play at St George’s Park, England’s state-of-the-art training centre in Burton-upon-Trent.   Firstly, a big shout out must go to the (I’m biased) most supportive bunch of parents for jumping at the chance and backing the idea! After all, there was the minor hiccup of a 3 and a half hour drive (and back again) and an over- night stay to get organised!

The U7 event (yes, we played a year up), run by One Tournament, was excellently man- aged. The standard of football on display was unbelievable, and (as we discovered at break- fast!) the size difference between our boys and the others was vast. What a difference a year can make, eh?! Yet, the Lawford boys were un -phased by the task at hand.

On a beautifully warm Saturday morning, playing on the David Beckham pitch, our first game saw us come up against a team that had won every single game they’d played that season, and most of them were members of the Southampton Academy. A baptism of fire for Lawford, which we learned an awful lot from - the opposition also went on to win the tournament final.

However, after a tough start and getting closer in a couple, we only went and won a game!!! You’d have a thought we’d won the title the way the fans roared! If the pitch had a roof we’d have raised it! The boys were fearless. Buzzing all day, playing with smiles on their faces! I couldn’t have wished for more!

An incredible experience for the boys, myself, and all the parents and relatives that came along to cheer us on. I fully recommend other teams look at the events run by One Tournament ( as they host end of season tournaments for all age groups.

As U7s, our season has got o to the perfect start, and I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Peake Fruit for their generous kit sponsorship. Thanks for reading, and we’d like to wish all Lawford teams the best of luck for the 2019/20 season!”

Lawford FC Annual General Meeting

11 June 2019

The Club's AGM will be held at 8pm on Thursday 20 June at the John Lyall Pavilion, School Lane, Lawford.


If you are interested in the Club's achievements over the last 12 months and what the future holds for the Club, please join us next Thursday.


All members welcome.  Please find attached links to the AGM agenda and the minutes of last year's meeting.


Lawford FC U18s looking for New Sponsor

3 May 2019


We are seeking a new kit sponsor for next season's U18s team.  This will be a high-profile team as it will be the first time the club has run an U18s squad for a number of years, helping to strength the important link between the Senior and Youth & Junior sections.  For further information please contact Nick Anderson 07717741552

Lawford FC Newsletter: The Extra Times

3 May 2019

The latest edition of the club's newsletter, The Extra Times, has been published.  The next edition will be published early next year.  If you have any suitable material for either the website or newsletter please contact the Club's Media Officer, Nick Anderson.

Goalkeeper Training at School Lane

28 April 2019

Over the Easter school holiday, the Club hosted a one-day goal keeping boot camp, organised by Chris Haig. Over 40 youngsters enjoyed a morning of coaching, followed by a “Goalkeepers Wars” tournament and the opportunity to meet West Ham legend, Julian Dicks. The feedback on the day has been very positive. Chris also holds regular Friday keeper training at School Lane. 


Forthcoming Lawford FC Events

27 April 2019

Senior Awards: Saturday 25 May

Junior & Youth Awards: Sunday 9 June 

Club AGM: Thursday 20 June

Junior & Youth Registration: Saturday 6 July

Five A-Side Tournament: Sunday 7 July   

Welcome back Mykie!

26 April 2019

Doug Rogers, U13s Reds Manager writes “Many of you will know that U13s Reds player, Mykie, was diagnosed with bone cancer in October 2017.  A few weeks later he started his first of many cycles of chemotherapy treatment which resulted in him spending nights and weeks away from home. Addenbrookes became his second home.   While the side effects of chemotherapy which made him a very ill little boy at times, Mykie also picked up many infections along the way and had to have several blood transfusions too. Throughout all this though he kept positive, along with his family, and dealt with this unexpected and devastating journey like a real trooper.  

Shortly before Christmas 2017 Mykie and his family got the news they were hoping for – the treatment was working, and his tumour had significantly reduced in size.  There was still a long road to go through and after taking a turn for the worse, Mykie ended up spending Christmas in hospital.  The day itself started off as no other young lad would expect with another blood transfusion and an allergic reaction to medication which left him in lots of pain.  Mykie stayed strong and within a few days he was ready for fifth cycle of his chemotherapy.

After further cycles of chemotherapy Mykie was ready for surgery in April last year. Just before this Mykie and his family had been given the wonderful news that his tumour had shrunk significantly more since December. While surgery went well Mykie had to have the main nerve in his leg removed which could result in a limp and drop foot; his family expressed this was a small price to pay though to have their boy with them.  Still within four days he was up in his wheelchair, out in the gardens of the hospital and playing with a football full of smiles, even if it was just heading it. 

In May 2018 Mykie and his family learnt that his tumour was 95% dead and he wouldn’t need radiotherapy, he was on cycle ten of his chemotherapy treatment now with only another five needed to get him cancer free. The following month Mykie was excited to be joining his team mates for Lawford’s Football Awards. The day didn’t start well with spike in his temperature and visit to hospital but with the determination Mykie had showed throughout, a trip to hospital in the morning due to a spiked temperature this was not going to hold him back. He made the team’s presentation where he picked up his participation trophy and the seasons well deserved ‘bravest player’ award.   It was lovely to see Mykie, making the day that year even more special. The boys, parents and manager were overjoyed to have him back as part of the team and couldn’t wait to have him on the pitch with them in the near future. 

June 26th 2018 was another milestone in Mykie’s recovery as he was allowed to put weight on his leg for the first time and learn to walk again without any aid.  The biggest milestone was yet to come through.  On 6th July 2018 Mykie rang the bell to say he was now cancer free.  A very emotional day for Mykie and his family.  The strength that little boy showed throughout was amazing and a testament to him and his family and this was the moment they were hoping and waiting for.  Although regular scans and tests would be needed, by January of this year Mykie was now on 4 monthly appointments due to them all coming back with positive results.

Throughout this unexpected and emotional journey Mykie’s family said he has been a real warrior and made them proud every single day with the strength, determination and courage he showed. Just 18 months after his diagnoses, to the delight of everyone, Mykie was back with his teammates on the pitch.  In a friendly game against Coggeshall U13 Reds, Mykie amazed us with his performance    coming very close to scoring several times in the team’s 3-1 win.  It was a proud and unforgettable moment to see him running around the pitch with his team mates. The smiles on everyone’s faces, after the toughest 18 months he had experienced, expressed just that.”  

Mykie’s family add “We would like to say a Big Thank You to Doug Rogers and Lawford Football Club  for their support throughout.”

All-weather update

25 April 2019

Our project to build an all-weather pitch continues to build momentum. In February, we presented an outline of our plans to Lawford Parish Council., who own the site at School Lane, The   Council has been a good friend to the Club and their support will be vital in this endeavour.  In March, Essex FA and the Football Foundation (the leading funder of 3G facilities) visited School Lane.

Recently the Foundation has agreed to assist with a feasibility study, which should begin soon. What is clear from our interaction with Essex FA and the Foundation is the importance placed on a Club’s commitment to both fund   raising and the wider community when assessing the merit of funding projects. If you can help with either in any way, please contact the Club.

Finding the Joy in Football

21 April 2019

Alfie Joy’s parents write “In 2014 our son Alfie started having day to day struggles with his emotions and social skills. By 2016 he had a diagnosis of ADHD.  His problems started affecting his confidence and belief in himself, which as parents was heart breaking to see. The frustrations that were shown at school really affected him and we as parents really felt that we needed to help him re build his confidence and channel the endless energy that he had.


As Alfie showed a love for football, we decided to bring him over to Lawford Football Club to see if that could help him but with the worries of his problems we weren’t sure of how he would cope in a group situation as previous encounters at school and other activities had proved a struggle. When he first started training at Lawford Alfie found it very difficult and sessions often ended with him having meltdowns which was either him shouting at others or physically trying to hurt them.  However, coaches Jonathan Sly and John Duchars showed patience, persistence and understanding which not only helped Alfie but also reassured us as parents that we were at a football club that cared.     

 Alfie signed up for LFC U8’s Reds in 2017 and with the support from his team mates, their parents and supporters, together with coaches Charlie Garland and Jack Cansdale, helped him to understand the meaning of respect, kindness to others and how to work as a team. With this support Alfie has continued to learn and is close to the end of his second year playing for the club. We as parents feel that a big shout out to the people at Club needs to be shared as the on-going support is amazing. Thank you Lawford for giving Alfie the opportunity to progress and shine.”  

The Brothers Dines

14 April 2019

Lawford FC currently have three brothers playing for the club, all at different age groups. The oldest plays for the U16s as an emergency player and has featured several times for Lawford this season. The second eldest plays for the U13s Blues, he’s been with the club since he was an U8. The youngest brother is now in his third season at the club. He currently plays for the U10s. 

The two eldest also often help their younger brother by refereeing his matches at School Lane with the eldest now qualified as a junior referee.  All three boys thoroughly enjoy playing for their teams at Lawford and hope to continue to enjoy their football for many years to come at School Lane.

U10s Looking Forward to 9v9 Football.

14 April 2019

Lawford U10s are currently coming to the end of their season, and also the end of their two seasons playing 7v7 football. They have already played two games in preparation for the 2019/2020 season, when they change format to 9v9 football.  The team have had a decent season, enjoying their football at School Lane. It’s going to be a challenge next season, moving up to 9v9 football. But it’s a challenge the boys are already looking forward to. 

We are looking for new players for next season, when they will be playing 9v9 football. Children who will be moving into school year 6 in September and are looking to play football in a really positive environment. Please contact Dave Dines 07753230744

Lawford Ladies

12 April 2019

Manager Si Collinson writes “This season has been challenging for the girls. Starting in a new division within regional football for the first time together with changes in the squad and the management team has not been easy. However, we have now reached pretty much the end of the   season and the feeling looking back is one of achievement. The girls are holding their own in the league and are regularly attracting praise for how much improvement they have shown and how hard they are to break down.

The team reached the final of the Essex County Women’s Trophy, their first County Final. Although they sadly lost out losing 3-2 on the day, the effort and stubbornness they showed to come back from 2-0 down at halftime to really push the game was commendable. If we had 15 more minutes then they would have forced extra time and who knows what would have happened to them.  All in all, a very good season. I am so proud of how they have improved on and off the pitch since Christmas and after a well-earned break, cannot wait to help them push on to the next level in the new season.”

Lawford FC Five A-side Fun Day to be held on 7 July

7 April 2019

The Lawford Football Club 5-a-side Fun Day will be held on Sunday 7th July 2019, at our home ground, School Lane, Lawford. The competition will be affiliated to the Essex County F.A. It is intended to run age groups for U6, U7, U9, U10, U11 U13, U14, U16. Each age group will be limited to twelve teams and the age groups will be as per the 2018/19 season.

Team winners and runners-up trophies will be presented to the U13, U14 and U16 age groups. Medals will be presented to all participating players in the Under 6 / 7 / 9 / 10 / 11 age groups where the groups will run on a non- competitive basis.  The cost of entry is £30 per team (Max. 8 players) - the Tournament rules, format and start times will be posted to you as confirmation of your entry. Please click on link for a copy of the entry form.

Join the Lawford FC Volunteer Team

30 January 2019

We are currently asking members and supporters to join our Volunteer Team and help share the success of the club and our future aims.  One of our main areas for fundraising will be to raise money to transform the derelict tennis courts into a 3G pitch. We need the whole community to get behind this project and help make it happen.

The more volunteers who register the more events we expand on, fun we can have and help the club grow. All we ask at the moment is for anyone who enjoys helping out and can spare an hour or so at any events then please register your interest with Corrina Dolso ( or text 07816 366778

Lawford FC Newsletter: The Extra Times

13 January 2019

The latest edition of the club's newsletter, The Extra Times, has been published.  The next edition will be published early next year.  If you have any suitable material for either the website or newsletter please contact the Club's Media Officer, Nick Anderson.

All-Weather Project at School Lane

12 January 2019

Every year as winter starts, Lawford teams disperse to various locations in the surrounding area in order to train on all weather pitches.  Many teams that train on Saturday morning play at East Bergholt, while others use the facilities at the University or at Colchester United.  Some teams choose to train inside at Manningtree Sports Centre. All of this comes at a cost, not only in terms of hiring space but also as parents and carers juggle logistics.   


Imagine for a moment if all of our winter training - for Senior, Youth and Junior teams - could happen at a single location.  With fantastic pitches and a great clubhouse we already have some first class facilities at School Lane.  Imagine if these were complemented by an on-site all-weather playing surface.   For a number of years the tennis courts at School Lane have been derelict. Who can remember the last time they saw anyone play tennis there? Occasionally, someone will venture into the courts to retrieve a football that's gone over the fence but otherwise the space is something of a no go area.  Working with the    Parish Council, the Club has started to explore the potential to replace the tennis courts with an all-weather football pitch, for use by both the Club and the local community. 

The initial technical advice is that the existing base is largely sound and that a 3G surface could be constructed on top of this.  While this would clearly be positive from an environmental perspective, the financial cost to establish an all-weather football facility will be substantial.  The Club has established a working group to lead this project, but to realise the potential of the School Lane site will require support from across the whole Club and the local community.

While the Club is in a solid financial position, raising the funds to develop all-weather facilities at School Lane will be a substantial undertaking and will require some major fund raising events over the months ahead.  Corrina Dolso, the Club’s Fund Raising officer, would love to hear your ideas for  potential events and activities. Do you or do you know of someone who might be interested in being the lead “named” sponsor for the new facility? Do you work for a private company that has community funding capacity?  Please contact Corrina by e-mail. (corrina.dolso

Goal Keeper Training

8 January 2019

Goalkeeper coach, Chris Haigh, is running training for goalies at School Lane from 6-7pm on Fridays.  One manager from a nearby club told us “Chris is really good at methods and communication with the boys.  My keeper went home and has raved to his parents ever since about the session.” If you are interested, please contact Chris (07792 956797).  More information via this link.

We Only Do Positive

5 January 2019

The success of the FA Respect campaign that was launched in 2008 had a positive impact on the behavioural problems that were creeping into the national game at all levels. Following its success, The FA have relaunched the campaign under the title ‘We Only Do Positive’ to spread the message wider and deeper.

It highlights the importance of positive behaviour towards young footballers, especially from parents, carers and coaches. The campaign is rooted in extensive research carried out in 2017/18 to understand more clearly the effect of negative behaviour on all ages of young players and where Respect interventions would be most effective. The research provided clear evidence of why positivity was so important in the youth game. The stand-out insight was that nine in ten children played better with positive encouragement. In addition, the research highlighted that negative experiences had serious adverse effects on their footballing ability and their enjoyment of the sport leading to increasing numbers of young players leaving the sport altogether.

‘We Only Do Positive’ is a response to this research which uses a strategic approach to target coaches and parents specifically around mini-soccer and youth football up to U18 level. It aims to promote and educate coaches and parents on their roles in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all the players, ensuring they have great experiences throughout their football journey.  

So, what can you do to help? As a spectator, ensure you stay behind the Respect barriers, home and away. Support both teams positively whether they win lose or draw. As a player, be a positive team mate and shake hands with the opposition players and the referee after each game. As a coach, always look for the positive in every player and in every game knowing that some games you win and others you learn from.  Remember that we only do positive!


Good Progress from U16s

5 January 2019

Wining seven of their last eight league fixtures, Lawford U16s have become the in form team in Division B of the Colchester & District Youth Football League.  Notable games before the Christmas break included a 6-3 win over table topping St. Edmunds and a 3-2 victory over Wivenhoe Town, who had shown good form earlier in the season.  The new year started with a closely fought friendly over Division A team, Coggeshall Town. With just five league fixtures remaining and with Lawford sitting only two points behind league leaders, St Edmunds, there is everything to play for over the next few weeks.  Come on Lawford!

Festive Greetings from our U10s

10 December 2018

Happy Christmas from Lawford U10s!

New Sponsor for U11s

1 December 2018

Many thanks to everyone at D Salmon Cars for their sponsorship of rain jackets and training kit for the U11s.

Trophy Event

20 October 2018

The FA Cup trophy visited our friends at Brantham Athletic to coincide with the Club's historic second qualifying round tie against Eastbourne Borough.  A number of Lawford players accepted the kind invitation from Brantham to view the trophy. 

Lawford FC Quiz Night

20 October 2018

The Club will be hosting its annual Quiz Night on Saturday 10th November.  Bring your own takeaway with the bar open from 7pm.  All proceeds towards the Club.  Please come and join the fun.

For further details and information about tickets please click through. 

Lawford FC Newsletter: The Extra Times

7 October 2018

The latest edition of the club's newsletter, The Extra Times, has been published.  The next edition will be published early next year.  If you have any suitable material for either the website or newsletter please contact the Club's Media Officer, Nick Anderson.

Promotion for Lawford Ladies

2 October 2018

Last season the Ladies won promotion to the Eastern Region Women's Football League. Training and pre-season games went very well with everyone working hard in preparation for playing in a  more challenging league. 


The season started with  a tough away game in St Ives, near Cambridge. Soon after came a home game against Histon Ladies. It was a hard fought game in  terrible conditions with Lawford coming out with a 2-1 win. This was followed by an away fixture at Kings Lynn, from which the team returned with a very impressive 4-1 win.   This has been followed by success in both the League Cup with a 7-0 win over Bishops       Stortford  and a  4-1 win against Hoddesdon Town in the League.


This season is going to be a tough one but the amount of hard work the team has put into it so far can only see great things to come from them. The Club is very proud of what they have achieved so far from such a great bunch of ladies.  


While the team face a lot of travelling this season it would be made easier with your full support at home and away games, making our Ladies team a massive part of the Club. Hope to see you all soon at their next game.


Follow the team on Twitter @fc_lawford

Under 7s Make Lawford History

20 September 2018

Mark Orrin, U7s Manager reports: On 9 September there was history made for Lawford FC, as I am told that it the first time that we have entered an U7s team into the League.  The squad of nine players had been together last season training and therefore were very eager to get to play a match.  Their excitement was increased as it was an away fixture and even more exciting was the fact that it was an "overseas" fixture with a visit to Mersea Island playing against Oyster Youth U7s.


The kick off was due at 10:00 and even after the normal Sunday morning problem of finding a car parking place around a football ground, all players were present and ready to go. After a warm up and the first pre-match team talk.  As I was not too sure what to expect it was kept simple: “play football and have fun”.  What more did I need to say.  Next for posterity was the team photo.


The match seemed to pass in a blink, but all the players put a great effort in and all had fun.  The results at this age is not important.  Every boy played to their best ability and conducted themselves in a way that was an asset to Lawford FC.  They should be proud; the parents were proud and it made me proud to be called their manager and coach.  The history books will show that for Lawford U7s, and the individuals involved, their first game was good day.

Groundsman of the Year

31 July 2018

At a ceremony to celebrate the volunteers that support grassroots football, Lawford FC's Dave Atton, won the 2018 Essex FA Groundsman of the Year award.  Dave is a tireless supporter of the Club, not only ensuring that our pitches are kept in prime condition, but also helping run the bar and coffee shop as well as being Treasurer for the Senior Section.  With much of Dave's contribution behind the scenes, it may not apparent to everyone the very significant contribution he makes to the smooth running of the Club.  Thank you, Dave.


During the Awards ceremony held in July, Leyton Orient manager and former Tottenham Hotspur defender, Justin Edinburgh paid tribute to scores of local football volunteers as they were recognised for their dedicated service.  "At grassroots level there’s that real bond and that real special connection between the fans, the players and everyone connected with the football club. For everyone here tonight who collects an award it’s very well deserved and I’d like to congratulate them.”


While our pitches remain in first class condition thanks for Dave with help from Steve Rand and Jason Tilstone, other improvements over the summer at School Lane include new goals for main pitch, which have been partly funded through a grant from the Football Foundation.  There are also new goals that can be used on either the 5x5 or 7x7 pitches.  The U7s, U9s and U10s will all get great use out of these goals throughout the season, not just in matches but also at training.  Our U10s are delighted with the new goals and would like to thank the Club.  They are pictured showing their appreciation, we’ll actually just 13 boys going a little crazy!!

What a Scorcher!

10 July 2018

With this year's Five A Tournament taking place in the middle of the summer heat wave, ice cooled water and sun cream were order of the day for players and spectators alike.  More than 50 junior and youth teams played in this year’s tournament, with over 150 games played over the course of the day and participation by 350 players.  As always, a fantastic day for grassroots football and thank you for the hard work from all those who supported the event. 

Lawford Football Club AGM

6 June 2018

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at the John Lyall Pavilion, School Lane, Lawford at 8pm on Tuesday 12th June. A link to a copy of the AGM Agenda is attached.  

All Members are encouraged to attend to hear about the Club's achievements over the last 12 months and to share views about the prospects for the Club in the months and years ahead.

Lawford FC Newsletter: The Extra Times

10 May 2018

The latest edition of the club's newsletter, The Extra Times, has been published.  The next edition will be published in the spring.  If you have any suitable material for either the website or newsletter please contact the Club's Media Officer, Nick Anderson.

Forthcoming Club Events: Awards Days, Ladies Cup Final, AGM, Five-a-side Tournament and Registration

10 May 2018

The Club is pleased to announce dates for the following events -

Senior Awards:  Saturday 12 May

Ladies League Cup Final: Sunday 13 May

Junior & Youth Awards   Sunday 10 June

Club AGM  Tuesday 12 June (8pm)

Five A-Side Tournament  Sunday 8 July

Junior & Youth Registration  Sunday 15 July

New U10s Players Wanted

9 May 2018

Our Under 10’s Team (Years 5) are looking for more players to join the squad, as they move up to 9 aside football next Season.  The Under 10’s team train on Saturday mornings (09:45 – 11:15) at our home ground - School Lane, Lawford and play in the Colchester and District League on Sundays.  We are a very friendly and family orientated club and a great place for children of all abilities to learn to play football and make new friends.

We will be training at School Lane throughout May, so would welcome any parents that want to bring their children for a training session on a Saturday morning to come along. There is no cost for the training for the remainder of this season. Could any parents interested contact our U10’s coach - David Gray on 07802 488131 or at

First Team Promoted

9 May 2018

Next season will see Lawford’s First Team back in the Premier Division of the Essex & Suffolk Border League. The team’s return to the top tier was confirmed at the end of March after League leaders, Great Bentley beat third placed Brightlingsea Regent ensuring that Lawford would take the second promotion place.

Andy Young has been 100% focused on securing promotion since he joined the Club as First Team Manager at the start of the season. According to Andy this “means everything to the team and that promotion will ensure that the team will stay together.” With the players very much looking forward to next season, Young feels that this season’s success will “inspire the team to play even better and with a level of consistency that the Premier league requires.” And, of course, there will also be the local derby with Brantham to look forward to.

Andy is quick to acknowledge the support from Club, particularly John O’Mara and Dave Atton. He describes John, who is moving to Northern Ireland, as “Lawford” through and through. The Team wish John all the best for the future.

James Thompson, Captain, flags the work Andy has done to build a “high quality team with many local players” and says the coaching Paul Skingley adds is “invaluable.” He also highlights the commitment by the whole team and the support of many others including Dave, John, Jason and Paul Bowers. James describes Lawford as a “good family club” with first class facilities.  Club Chairman, John Duchars adds “The promotion of the First Team is fantastic and reflects their hard work and commitment. Congratulations to all involved, with so many local ‘Lawford’ players too!’

Farwell to Lawford Grassroots Hero

7 May 2018

Sadly, John O’Mara is stepping down as the Secretary of the Senior Section after over 27 years of service to football at Lawford.  He and his wife Gillian are moving to Ireland, where we wish them both much happiness in their new surroundings.


In 1991 John was a manager for a team with Lawford Juniors and went on to win the league at U15. He moved to Lawford Lads in 1996 to take over as Secretary and held that post to date. 22 years!  In 1997 he became a committee member of the Essex & Suffolk Border League and in 2014 became their ground standards officer.


In 2015, he helped the same league achieve FA Charter Standard, helping member clubs to that status by organising such things as FA Emergency First Aid courses at the Pavilion.  In 2009 he helped set up a ladies team at Lawford who play in the Premier Division of Essex County Women's Football League. 


He has also represented Lawford FC over the years on the parish council, with his role as a parish councillor.  John always advocated ‘One Club’.  His help and support played a significant role to finally see it over the line in 2015.


All in all, he’s been a bit lazy 😊


On behalf of everyone at the Club, thank you so much John for everything you have done over the years and being our grassroots hero.

Good progress for Lawford U9s

1 May 2018

The U9s moved up to the 7v7 format this season, after playing a season at 5v5. This has given the team more space, players and time on the pitch. They adapted really quickly to the format in the early stages of the season and have improved as the season has progressed. There are currently 12 players in the squad, with a good balance throughout the team to fill all positions. The team have recently switched training to a Thursday evening, where the boys have the bene t of three coaches to encourage and guide them.

The team are fortunate enough to have two sponsors - Frutarom, a local company based in Lawford, who sponsor the kit and Boxford Fencing, sponsoring the rain jackets and beanie hats.  In their last home game against St Edmunds the team managed to come back from behind to secure a win. The game was played in good spirits, with two evenly matched teams. There is a strong team spirit throughout the side, all the boys are local lads enjoying playing their football at School Lane.

U8s Visit to Colchester United FC

30 May 2018

Lawford U8 Reds and Blues visited Colchester United on Saturday 28 April for an end of season treat. After a tour of the stadium, and an hour’s coaching, the team watched Colchester play Swindon. Pictured are both Lawford teams with Ben Seaman (Blues Manager), Charlie Garland (Reds Manager) & Martin Joy (Parent).

Lawford FC Five A-side Fun Day to be held on 8 July

26 March 2018

The Lawford Football Club 5-a-side Fun Day will be held on Sunday 8th July 2018, at our home ground, School Lane, Lawford. The competition will be affiliated to the Essex County F.A. It is intended to run age groups for U7, U8, U9, U10, U12, U13, U15. Each age group will be limited to twelve teams and the age groups will be as per the 2017/2018 season.

Team winners and runners-up trophies will be presented to the U12, U13 and U15 age groups. Medals will be presented to all participating players in the Under 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 age groups where the groups will run on a non- competitive basis.  The cost of entry is £25 per team (Max. 8 players) - the Tournament rules, format and start times will be posted to you as confirmation of your entry. Please click on link for a copy of the entry form.

Lawford FC Newsletter: The Extra Times

15 Janaury 2018

​​The latest edition of the club's newsletter, The Extra Times, has been published.  The next edition will be published in the spring.  if you have any suitable material for either the website or newsletter please contact the Club's Media Officer, Nick Anderson.

U13s: Eleven Aside and Thriving

10 January 2018

Tiki-taka football and large open spaces clearly play to the U13’s strengths.  Having just missed out on the B league by a single place at the end of last season they have had an incredible start to this one.  Apart from the first game of the season where they conceded 3 goals in a 15-3 victory they have not conceded a single additional goal in the league so far, whilst amassing 61 in the “goals for” column. 


As if that was not amazing enough, the team also progressed to the 4th round of the Essex Cup, beating teams many places above them in higher leagues along the way, including Tiptree Jobserve Reds, Rowhedge Juniors and winning an away game to Pegasus Youth in the Southend league . Their run only came to end when they were drawn against an Eastern Junior Alliance team , Witham Town. In total this season the team have amassed 91 goals, with 10 players all getting on the score sheet.  


Most pleasing is the way the team have started to really play for each other. They often make unselfish runs and passes, whilst all over the pitch playing some very attractive football.  After virtually every match the opposition coaches compliment the team on their football, but perhaps more importantly often comment what a nice bunch of lads they are.  Long may it continue.

Lawford Ladies

8 January 2018

The Ladies team ended 2017 placed sixth in the league but have 3 games in hand over the league leaders. Earlier in the season the Ladies beat Hatfield Peveral, who currently top the table, 6-1 making for a very interesting second half of the season.  Once again, the Ladies have entered the FA People's Cup which kicks off in February.  This is a national 5 a side competition which Lawford reached the semi-final of last year. Good luck for this year's competition.

A special mention for Daisy Canny, Ladies striker and captain. Daisy collected and donated more than 185 Christmas gifts for the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.....and delivered them all herself.

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